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Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM), one of the leading chambers of Province No. 1, Nepal;
established on 1996 is a Business Membership Organization represents private sector interest to
cater the need of its members. CIM implements the program ranges from issue-based policy
advocacy, business development service delivery and capacity enhancement. Chamber of
Industries Morang (CIM) is established with the aim of promoting Industries, develop national and
international trade and commerce to achieve quality objectives, make necessary co-ordination with
government and among Industrial sector and play an instrumental role in promoting different
activities like Investment environment, training, Workshop, Industrial trade fair, Seminar, Talk
Programs and corporate social responsibilities.

Legal status and affiliation

CIM is a not-for-profit making organization legally registered at District Administration Office
under the Association Registration ACT 1977. CIM is also affiliated with FNCCI, an apex body
of Nepalese private sector.


Contribute to develop prosperous Nepal through the promotion & development of economic and
industrial sector


  • To support member industries by providing business development services
  • To articulate interests of members industries and present to the concern authorities
  • To conduct policies research and implement policy advocacy campaign systematically
  • To promote member industries, develop national and international trade & commerce
  • To co-ordinate among industries, stakeholders, organizations and federations
  • To protect rights and interests of member industries at various level
  • To facilitate conflict / dispute arises between workers and industries
  • To organize regional, national & International seminar, talk program & workshop.
  • To promote entrepreneurship culture and encourage newcomers in the sector
  • Proactively involve in cooperate social responsibilities


CIM has a provision to allow membership only to the manufacturing industries. Any
manufacturing industries either small or large can obtained the membership of CIM. Trade and
service sector are not eligible for membership. So far, there are 200 plus manufacturing industries
are the member of CIM.


  • Representing the entire business community of the country in national and international
  • Policy advocacy and lobbying for the interest of members industries in particular and
    industrialization in general
  • Facilitating participation in national and international trade fairs and exhibition
  • Promoting better industrial relations among trade unions.
  • Providing business information and research services
  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Facilitation support to solve the issues related with labour and trade unions
  • Conducting, on a regular basis, capacity development trainings, learning sessions,
    workshops, seminars on thematic issues, publication, information exchange,
    documentation, industrial relation, productivity, entrepreneurship, quality management,
    environment etc.
  • Issuing Certificate of Origin

Strategic Objectives
Policy Advocacy and Lobbying

Policy advocacy and lobbying is the key strategic activity of CIM and it is implemented through
the systematic policy advocacy framework. In order to make advocacy more realistic and result
oriented, facts and figure are collected through the regular policy studies. Wide range of policies
issues related e.g., enabling environment for investment, finance, labor market, energy and power
supply, environmental issues, industrial infrastructure, export & import and tax related issues are
taken regularly into consideration; and through the rigorous policy study policy brief is prepared
and advocacy activities will be implemented accordingly. Industry Academia linkages program is
envisioned to conduct regular policy research and this will boost up CIM knowledge for proper
policy advocacy campaign.

Business development and capacity enhancement Services to the members

Service to the members is one of the major focus of CIM and is offering wide range of business
development and capacity enhancement services to its member industries. Some of them are:
Access to information: CIM, Business Clinic, Capacity and knowledge enhancement,

Establishment and operation of Skill Development Unit, Access to Market, Domestic product
promotion campaign

Networking and relationship development

Networking and relationship development with concern stakeholders is also one of a key working
area of CIM. Regular meeting, delegations and interactions program will be organized with
Government and sectoral department of central, provincial and local government. Similarly,
Conducive relationship with all Trade Union organizations will be maintained via regular meeting.
Likewise, joint initiatives and activities will be conducted with private sector chamber of industries
on shared issues.

Relationship and network with like-minded development partners (National and International) will
be explore and partner to implement program and activities for the achievement of common
objectives. CIM is looking forward to get support from development partners particularly in the
areas of knowledge & technology transfer, business linkages and capacity development.

Corporate social responsibility

CSR is also a key component of CIM and under this component, different activities are planned
for benefits of wider society. CIM support to community victims from Natural calamities e.g.,
flood, earthquake, fire and others. CIM deliberately emphasizes equally to the health and safety
issues for workers. Various awareness raising and trainings program at varies level on occupational
health and safety will be implemented to ensure proper health safety of the workers.

Under its CSR goal, CIM is preparing ground to develop entrepreneurs culture, strengthen
industry-academia linkages, motivate & encourage innovative ideas to transfer into the business.
Startup and Innovation program is newly conceptualized program aiming to support to transfer
new business ideas into sustainable startup enterprises. Likewsie, in order to strengthen Industry
academia linkage Industrial Research Centre is establish in the Name of CIM past president and
prominent industrialist in Nepal Late Mahendra Golchha focusing particularly in large academia
engagement in R&D related to economic issues.