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Late. Mahendra Golchha Industrial Research Center


Strengthen Industry Academia Linkages through R&D with an aim to supply academic knowledge, information & facts to take informed policy decisions fostering sustainable economic development.


  • Encourage university graduates to do research on economic issues.
  • Motivate faculty member of University to undertake short-term policy research
  • Conduct academic discourse on economic flavor

Target Group:

Students, Research Scholars, Academician & Industrialists.



  1. Support to cash incentives to Master Level Students to undertake their Dissertation/ thesis on Broader Economic & Industrialization issues (5 thesis per year)
  2. Support to Faculties to undertake Independent Policy Impact Study (10 Studies)
  3. Conduct Industry Academia Dialogue Series on quarterly basis.

Inpartnership with:

Purbanchal University


Supported by:

Hulas Wire Industries Pvt. Ltd

S.N Name of Students Research Topic
Ujwal Raut (M.Sc) PUSOE Management of Traffic Congestion in Biratnagar
2 Anuska Shrestha (M.Sc) PUSOE Household Waste Management in Biratnagar City
3 Bikash Yadav (M.Sc) PUSOE Assessing the industrial waste in the industrial corridor of Biratnagar.
4 Etikshya Regmi (MBA) Assessing the condition of Industrial relation in the Biratnagar Industrial Corridor
  • 5 Issues for short-term Policy research (for Faculties engagements) identified
    • Rational of Electricity Demand Charge
    • Varies on Import duties (Raw materials vs Finish Products) & its impact on Nepalese Garments sector?
    • Subsidy Loan to Women & other MSMEs & local growth
  • 2 Mahendra Golchha Industry-Academia Dialogue Series has been organized
    • Series 1: Economic Growth: Outward versus Inward Orientation as A growth Strategy (6th October 2021)
    • Series 2: Contemporary Economic Development and Monetary Policy Practices in Nepal, 18th November, 2021