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General Assembly

General Assembly is the apex body of CIM. General Assembly meeting is held every year. All the general member of CIM is taking part of the meeting. The General Assembly endorse yearly progress report, annual budget & expenditure and action plan for the next year. Likewise, General Assembly also provides its decision in wider policy issues, amendments on CIM constitutions and other policies. Every two-year interval, the Assembly elect the new executive
committee of CIM.

The Executive Board elected by General Assembly on every two years interval, is responsible to take strategic decisions to implement annual plan, cater the needs of its members and contribute to policy lobby and advocacy. Executive Board meets once in a month. Executive Board, is headed by President, Senior Vice President, three Vice Presidents with distinct sectoral function e.g., finance, agro & energy and employment, one Treasurer and eleven executive members.
CIM has a functional secretariate located at the heart of Biratnagar City with well-equipped human resources and working spaces. Secretariate is headed by full time Director General and is responsible to day-to-day operational activities and implement the decisions made by Executive