Energy Audit

What is Energy Audit

An energy audit is an analysis of a facility, indicating how and where it can reduce energy consumption and save energy costs. Energy audits are an insight into energy efficiency and conservation concepts and can lead to significant savings on the companies utility bill. It involves a systematic study of all major energy consuming sections, equipment and processes with the objective to identify specific practical measures to minimize the consumption of energy.

Why we need Energy Audit?

In the Nepal context of generalized load shading and high energy cost, energy efficiency is a key component to improve competitiveness and reduce the costs of production. The Energy Audits, realized by a team of specialists, would help you identify the opportunities of energy savings. This could significantly reduce the costs of your activity without compromising with the volume of production and quality.

Energy Audit Helps:

  • In identifying the quantity and cost of various forms of energy.
  • Looks for energy wastage
  • Identifies option to save energy and cost
  • Analyses your energy usage and cost


Currently we provide different kind of energy audit to the Industries and other sectors according to the size of the Industries, it can be

  • Walk through Energy Audit
  • Detailed Energy Audit
  • Targeted Energy Audit

A Walk through Energy Audit is a one-day energy audit that focuses only on the main areas of energy consumption in the industry. It doesn't cover the whole facility but focuses on the most promising sectors of energy consumption and provides general recommendations for the rest of the facility. The findings are summarized in a report that also includes a simple economic analysis (simple payback period).

A Detailed Energy Audit, as its names indicates, is a very sorrow analysis of the whole areas of energy consumption. It incorporates the whole energy flow from the reception and production to its use in the process giving a very clear view of the state of the industry in term of energy and the possible areas of improvement. A detailed audit generally last from 4 to 7 days and is also coupled with a follow-up and support during the implementation phase.

Target Energy audit focuses on one specific area of its plant, for example the boilers. It is mostly required when an organization wants to target one component in particular or faces an increase of energy consumption without knowing the reason.


Energy Awareness – CIM Energy Cell is conducting awareness program on energy efficiency and savings to all type of organization. If you are interested please contact us.

Training for Industries- CIM Energy Cell is going to organize technical trainings on Energy Efficiency for Industries. COMING SOON


The best advocates of our work and of the importance of Energy efficiency are the industries that already did an energy audit. Don't hesitate to contact them if you want to have their opinion on the work of the CIM Energy Cell.

List of Industries

  • Jayshree Polymers
  • MM Plastic Udhyog
  • Hulas Metal Craft
  • Megha Metal
  • Arvind Pulp and paper
  • Hulas wire
  • Pashupati Iron & Steel
  • Pashupati Paints
  • Araghakanchi Cememt
  • Shivam Cement

Energy Audit Equipments


3 phase Power Logger

Useful in every industry.

Record and analyze all the parameters of an electrical installation

Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Power Factor, harmonic.

Brand: Fluke 1735

Clamp On Multimeter

The classic tool for an electrician

Measures all the common values in electricity

Brand: Amprobe ACDC 54 Nav


IR Thermometer

Useful in almost all industries where there is heating system, cooling system, heaters, boilers.

Measures temperature with a contact and remote sensors

Brand: Amprobe IR 750


Combustion Analyzer

Useful in every industries that use boilers, furnace.

Analyze and record all the combustion parameters: O2, CO, CO2, excess of air, efficiency

Brand: Bacharach 24-8515


High Temperature probe

Measure temperature up to 1100°C

Useful for kilns and furnaces

With the IR Thermometer, it gives us a complete panel of temperature measurement

Brand: Fluke 80PK-22


Pressure Equipment

Differential manometer

Useful in ventilation system, compressed air, vacuum system.

Brand: Amprobe MAN15


Pitot Tube

Measure static and dynamic pressure and flue gas velocity.

Useful in large industry and specific processes (Cement factories)

Brand: Nevco S-type Pitot tube