CIM Energy Cell, established in 2014 AD as a new service provided by the Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM), aims to create awareness on energy efficiency and encourage energy conservation in industries, service sector and public infrastructures. The cell has been established with the support of German Development Cooperation – GIZ under the Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) a joint Nepali- German programme implemented by the Ministry of Energy with technical assistance from GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


  • Its objective is to improve the effectiveness and energy efficiency of the Industries.
  • To raise awareness on the potential of energy efficiency for industries and individuals as a mean to reduce energy expenses, improve competitiveness and participate in the reduction of load shedding


Its mission is to deliver outstanding energy services to the industries, service sector and public infrastructure by conducting Energy Audit and providing energy training with best result.

Energy Efficiency

A reliable and affordable energy supply is essential for any economic development. Since several years Nepalese economy is struggling with energy shortage. During load shedding Nepalese industries have to generate electricity by themselves running diesel generator at the triple price or shout down. The energy crisis not only increases cost of production but also discourages private investment.

Energy efficiency could play an important role to overcome the current energy crisis. AÂ baseline study conducted by Nepal Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP) in eight energy-intensive industrial sectors of Nepal estimated annual saving potentials of about 160 GigaWatt hours of electricity that is equivalent of the consumption of 215,000 Nepalese households.

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) have taken the lead to bring energy efficiency on the top agenda of Nepalese decision makers by establishing the Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) under its roof. CIM has joined EEC initiative by establishing an Energy Efficiency Unit in Biratnagar and is providing energy auditing services to its member industries

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