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CIM Secretariat

Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM) is one of the leading chamber in Eastern Region. It was established in 2024 B.S. (1967 A.D) by one of the well-known Industrialist of Nepal with the aim of promoting Industries, develop national and International trade and commerce to achieve quality objectives, make necessary co-ordination with government and among Industrial sector. Chamber of Industries Morang plays a key role in promoting different activities like Investment environment, training, Workshop, Industrial trade fair, Seminar, Talk Programs and corporate social responsibilities.


Depicting proper industrial sector and encouraging industrialists and business personalities towards nation economic development.


Develop national and international business, coordinate and regulate different activities establishing cooperation among the industries of the region.


  • To promote member industries, develop national and international trade & commerce, to achieve quality objectives, make necessary co-ordination among industrial sectors.
  • To co-ordinate among organizations and federations.
  • To protect industrial rights for mutual helps among national, international and local authorities.
  • To analyze and suggest annual policies, rules, plans for related member industries.
  • To participate actively in any conflict among industries and labor problem.
  • To organize regional, national & International seminar, talk program & workshop.
  • To open branch offices in all over Nepal if required for the protection of industries.
  • To flow information to the associated members and secretariat
  • Help to make child labor free industries.

Quality Policy

CIM cultivates the culture of Quality Management System which emphasizes federation rules and regulations and ensures it’s commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing services like issuing CO, training, seminar, workshop, information dissemination as required voluntarily on time through continual improvement in our services by a motivated and committed team of people.


Followings are some of the services provided by Chamber of industries Morang:

  • The organization has been providing different beneficial trainings, discussions, seminars, and symposium to the members of the industries.
  • For the convenience of the members, the organization has started a two hour work scheduled from 10 to 12 am on the holidays also.
  • It has been providing a free custom guarantee for maintenance of machinery parts while sending overseas.
  • It has been regularly sending member industries to various seminars, trainings, and discussions which has helped a lot in the smooth operation of the industries.
  • A well-structured and managed library has been established in the organization. The library is free for its members so that they can widen their knowledge through national & international books.
  • In case of industrial disputes, it initiates the solution process. It also collects suggestion from various sectors and submits to the concerned department for the resolution of the problems.
  • For the purpose of collection and dissemination of information, the organization has been providing Internet and email facilities and publishing a monthly bulletin.